What we care about most at Hive is people. We mean it.

We refuse to be primarily defined by sales targets and bottom lines. Our purpose is to be of service to people, and we do it by achieving excellent real estate outcomes in sales and property management with a ‘computer says yes’ attitude. Our turf is the Western and near-city suburbs.

We feel privileged to assist you in sometimes life changing and challenging decisions and we happily take care of all the details for your property sale, purchase or rental management.

We believe in growing Hive organically based on being awesome at what we do and in a way that does the right thing by people – we wouldn’t have it any other way, plus we know it’s the best way to run a successful business with longevity.

The team are what makes Hive hum and we work without pecking orders or strong divisions between our roles.

Janey Sanderson


Janey is the queen of Hive and rules with a milk’n’honeyed fist.

Real estate runs hot in her veins, but what it’s really all about is a deep empathy for people (and animals) and the desire to do ‘em right, and she loves having her own business where these values reign supreme.

Janey built Hive in 2014, bringing 30 odd years experience in the real estate world, mainly in and around Subiaco – long enough to have sold some houses three times over the years! She’s also lived in the ‘hood for most of her life.

She’s potty about dogs and her kindly 14 year old boy Parma (he was called Prosciutto when rescued, but she couldn’t deal calling that out in the park) is part of the furniture at Hive. Janey volunteers at the Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge Home, of which she is an ongoing supporter and fundraiser – including donating part of every sales commission to them.

We reckon she’s brilliant at connecting people with real estate at all sorts of levels, and is always up to celebrate something, which happens a lot at Hive.

0411 524 211 / janey@hiverealestate.com.au



Pupperty Manager

When we’re crazy busy and getting stressed out in the office, Parma is the calming influence.

We pick up his warm and laconic vibe and we chill!  He reminds us that all is well with the world and we’re all very fortunate people.

Parma came into Janey’s life a few years ago from the Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge Home.  He’d been found on the streets and wasn’t in good condition.

With the most soft and beautiful nature even then, he was a favourite with the kennel hands, and continues to be the love hero of The Hive office.

A few cuddles and kind words bring out his grateful yet laid-back personality… and he is welcoming of any other dog visitors that pop in, but more animated for the human ones whom often bear him treats.